Aims & Ethos



Mattress Circus – photo: John Morgan

  • The Social Club’s mission is to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome and the audience is as much a part of the show as the performers on the stage.

  • It’s eclectic, slick and professional with high standards of programming but doesn’t take itself too seriously.

  • Glorious Productions aims to create an environment that is open, inclusive and warm-hearted on and off stage.  Making work that encourages collaboration in the creative process.




Helena Berry – photo: Andre Pattenden            

  • We support up-and-coming artists and annually work with students of contemporary circus and physical theatre, auditioning students and giving them  feedback, talks and an opportunity to work in professional surroundings.   Sometimes, commissioning and making one off acts with them.


Frenetic Engineering – Talent Show – photo Hannah Edy

  • We believe the audience should be able to shine on stage as well as the performers.  We love participatory shows.  We’ve commssioned and supported  many over the years: The Birthday Party, Pub Olympics, The Talent Show, Dan Swank , Karaoke,  Drag shows, Ceilidh, Junior Jungle.  The list continues…


Frenetic Engineering Talent Show – photo Hannah Edy


  • We have a perfect balance between – seasoned and high level performers, top performers working new material and fresh new talent who are just starting out.

This keeps the show at a high skill level with fresh and exciting new material.