The Social Club – Lock In – Adult show


After Hours Show:



As night falls, we love to have a cheeky, steamy cabaret lock-in with our sexiest locals!

Augusts Dakteris – photo: Paul James

Velma Von Bon-Bon – photo: Andre Pattenden


We present some of the world’s best sideshow, burlesque, boylesque, comedy, circus and cabaret acts, in a late night show for  grown ups only.

A little bit of wrong that is oh so right! 

Delightfully adult material, nudity & irreverence.  Gasp!


Lois Ward-Marvin – photo: Paul James


Un-sensored comedy, sideshow & burlesque with booze (venue depending).

And if you’re lucky we’ll throw an after-party with

the best DJ’s and bands. 


  This is where we all let our hair down!

 The Lock-in can stand-alone or run alongside the family show.   

Bunny – photo Andre Pattenden

No Fit Howie – photo Hannah Edy

Mike McCallum – photo Andre Pattenden

Elena Carter – photo Paul James