The Social Club – Family Show

                 The Social Club Show

Stickleback Plasticus – photo Andrew Nash


A warm-hearted, stunning and fun show set in a disappearing and legendary British cultural bastion, The Social Club. 

Where EVERYONE is welcome.

A show that mixes CABARET, CIRCUS, MUSIC & COMEDY beautifully.

Step inside, get yourself a drink, pull up a chair

and become one of our locals.


Malcom – Photo – Hannah Edy


Think Cheers meets Phoenix Nights with stellar circus in your local.

An eclectic show, packed with raffles, breathtaking acts,

dancing on the bar and fun for all the family.






Tarn Scully – photo Andre Pattenden

We believe in getting the balance right. 

  • This is a show for all the family – it’s for  children, teens and adults so that everyone has a great level of enjoyment and engagement.

  • We nurture new talent and work with established world class performers to create a show that represents UK cabaret and circus and the dying British custom of Social Clubs.  One pickled egg at a time!


The Shakedown – smooth pouring bar stewards – photo Andre Pattenden



  • The Social Club has made it’s home at Shambala Festival for the last 12 years.  Now it’s stretching it’s legs and opening it’s doors in a town near you.  Head down for a warm welcome and great show!